Food brings us together at home, it satisfies our mind and body, it fuels our exercise and it can heal our ailments. Food is medicine.

The mission of Nourished & Able is to support you in discovering healthy and sustainable life. Each recipe is developed with a lot of care; they are following a whole food plant based blueprint, and are delicious, well balanced, can be modified to satisfy any dietary preference, and are easy to make. Eating well should be easy – understanding why you are eating what you are eating is important and empowering.

Our take on diet is that food should nourish you. Through years of research and examination, we believe there is no healthier diet for human beings than a whole food plant based diet that is minimally processed, and includes a variety of whole foods. While our approach is generally plant based / vegan / vegetarian / and gluten-free, we also believe that each individual has different dietary needs and they should eat accordingly.

Whether you are a carnivore looking for more vegetables in your life, a “Meatless Monday-er” looking to dip a toe in, or a full blown vegan, we have something here for you and we are so glad that you are here.